Skiving & Slitting

Horizontal and Vertical Cutting

CFP's high-speed, full-width equipment cuts both open and closed cell foam into any required sheet thickness or size

Horizontal and vertical cutting to the desired thickness and width is often the primary fabrication process performed on the material before it goes onto a secondary process such as laminating or die-cutting. Automated CNC precision cutting increases speed of production while reducing waste and providing tight cutting tolerances.

Horizontal cutting is used to "skive" either open or closed cell foam, to a precise thickness. Skiving can also be used to remove the outer top and bottom "skin" of the foam block.

Vertical cutting is typically used to "take down” very large foam buns into smaller, more manageable sizes for additional processing.

Slitting is used to process large-width master rolls into smaller, more precise widths. These smaller rolls may be used in high-speed rotary die-cutting operations or may be finished with tape, insulation, or sealing products.