Other Materials

At AJR Custom Foam we are not limited to manufacturing only with foam

Our strategic sourcing and manufacturing capabilities encompass a wide array of complementary materials to create the products you envision

In addition to the materials shown below, we also manufacture with felt, cork, and rubber materials to provide solutions for EMI/RFI shielding, electrical insulation, and more



Needlepunch, thermobond, spunbond, or cross-lapped spunbond

Sustainable, strong, resilient polyester or rayon-based materials available in dual-density, high loft, or biodegradable blends

Ideal for filtration, sound damping, natural or synthetic linings and fill for cushions, bedding, and insulated or flame retardant apparel


Closed Cell Polymers

Neoprene, EPDM, vinyl nitrile, ECH, NBR/PVC, and related material blends

Durable, resilient, flexible materials with wide temperature ranges which are also chemical and UV resistant

Ideal for seals and gaskets, cushioning, sound dampening, underlayment, insulation, vibration dampening, packaging, and weather stripping



Hi-Temp Materials

Silicone sponge, rubber, Viton®, Kapton®, PTFE, and Nomex®

Outstanding temperature and chemical resistance for long term performance in demanding industrial applications

Ideal for gaskets and seals for use under aggressive operating conditions when in contact with water, oil, gas, or fuel